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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program

 Paycare-Plus Program 

Our Paycare-Plus Program is an extension of our Core and member-based Paycare Program which has been selected to work with a NATIONAL & Private family-focused funding organization to provide access to 'Pay incentives' on behalf of families across the United States with children from infancy through the 12th grade to assist with childcare, education/academic or extra-curricular expenses.  

Everyone wins because (1) Parents are supported by Pay incentives made on their behalf to greatly reduce financial stress while (2) Child education facilities are strengthened by the receipt of their Pay incentives which allows them to provide the absolute best quality of care and education, resulting in (3) Children experiencing a quality education.

Our Support services offer the following immediate benefits:

*Children receive the best quality education, without disruption.

*Our Service eliminates stress on both the facility and the parent.

 With Paycare-Plus, Everyone Wins!!

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