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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program

For a 'Risk-Free, No Up-front-Cost' Membership

Call us today at 336.897.3008

Fax#: 336.852.8333

Click to See Paycare's Mission At-A-Glance!

To Begin Having (daycare/school, rent, college, auto & medical) Payments

Made on Parents’ Behalf Multiple Times, Yearly!

(For children, birth to college)



Paycare is not a Lender.

We are a non-profit which remedies situations in which Parents already have a bill due or past due for their child(ren).

We do this by providing the Parent the ability to have their bill paid NOW, to relieve

both the Facility and the Parent while, Ultimately, ensuring that the learning experience

of the child(ren) goes uninterrupted.  


Turns Tough Situations into Most Wonderful Ones!

*Assistance is available multiple times yearly for Parents and Facilities to enjoy!

Facility is Unable to Wait for Their Income

To meet their commitment to excellence in education, housing, college, healthcare, and transportation for our children, facilities simply must receive their income in a timely manner.

With Paycare, facilities no longer have to wait for their income! We step in to wait so your facility doesn't have to!

Paycare Program to The Rescue!

Paycare 'Steps In' to ensure the Bill is Paid NOW:

*So the Child's experience goes uninterrupted!

*So Facilities don't have to wait for their income!

*So Parents are given time, up to 1 year, to pay their Bill!

Parent Needs More Time to Pay their Bill

The stress of unexpected expenses can be a harsh reality for Parents. 

With Paycare, Parents receive the extra time they need. We step in to get the bill paid for Parents!