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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program

Parent's Frequently Asked Questions

If I need more time than 12 months, can I have more time?

-Yes! We can give a parent up to 60 months to replenish the "Family Fund" for large balances!

Will my background be reviewed?

-Yes, but don’t worry about that! We can help all parents & credit scores are not affected!

Other than my membership fee, are there any other fees?

-Yes! However, there are typically no out-of-pocket fees for parents.  

What are the interest rates if I need more than 12 months?

-If you need more than 12 months, which is PAST your membership period, the interest rate starts as low as 4.99%.

My pay history is weak so can I get a Pay incentive to pay my child’s bill?

-Yes! We can help all parents!

Does my membership cover all my children in my household?

-No! Paycare PLUS membership is Per Child with no set limit to the number of Pay incentives which can be paid for that specific child over the

course of the 12-month membership period. There is no limit on the child facilities which can be paid for each child.

Once I join, does my facility also have to be a member?

-No! Only Paycare PLUS Members can receive Paycare Plus 'Pay incentives' so we provide funds directly to parents until the facility joins!

No Worries! We can get the facility set up within a day or so, once we inform them we are prepared to

pay your and any other parent's Pay incentives directly to them from our "Family Fund"!

Is there anything else I should know?

-Yes! You receive a FREE Paycare Plus membership card which allows you continued access to Pay incentives during your membership!

Parents can receive a FREE 3-day to 5-day Vacation Package with their 1st 'Pay Incentive'! 

*The above also applies to all Paycare Services Below: