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         Paycare Program

Our Mission

Adult Day & Respite Care Center is a North Carolina non-profit healthcare agency with a heart to prevent misfortune in the lives of families. For 24 years, we have provided healthcare services to families via habilitation treatments, daycare services, and overnight care services for frail populations.  

We now proudly offer support services for youth, families, childcare and child-education facilities, not only in our community, but across our entire country resulting in a positive impact on our world!  

We are so proud to introduce an addition of support services for youth, families, childcare and child-education facilities via our Paycare Program. This program supports and strengthens educational facilities to educate, hire, grow, and thrive. They must be able to focus on the main thing: educating our next generation of leaders.

Our Paycare Plus Program now partners us with a private family-focused funding organization, resulting in support services for parents and child education facilities, which fully realizes our

Core Mission:  

   To prevent finances from being an obstacle between children/youth and the best education possible.  

Even Further, our support services forward our ultimate goal of preventing high school drop-out, teen pregnancy, and gang involvement among youth while promoting education and extra-curricular activities which both prepare children for and move youth towards secondary education.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson