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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program


Payment Protection

Kids love and need to learn!

Our Members Love to educate!

Paycare makes it work for all!!

Why be a Parent-member of Paycare Plus

1) Parents enjoy having their fees paid on their behalf

2) Membership is never 'Up-front' nor 'Out-of Pocket'!

3) Our parent members enjoy our a Paycare card for repeat access to 'Pay Incentives'!

4) Our parent members receive easy-access, customized, repeat funding for their childcare facility!

5) No set limit on the # of times to receive 'Pay Incentives' each year.

6) No set limit on the # of facilities for which a parent can receive 'Pay Incentives' each year.

Why be a Facility-member of Paycare-Plus?   

1) Our Paycare facility members receive this added membership level to have parent fees

paid directly to their facility when parents are unable to pay!

2) Past Fees recovered for our facility members are also paid directly to them from our office!

3) Our facility members enjoy receiving consistent income without interruption!

4) Our facility members enjoy focusing on educating children and operating excellent facilities

without financial stress!

5) Though membership is no longer required, only members will receive direct payments for

their parents' bills. Upon joining, the annual membership fee at less than $1 per day

and is never out-of-pocket for facilities! *non-member facilities' "Pay Incentives" will be

paid directly into that parent's checking account.