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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program

Paycare Home FACILITY Unique Features

*Facilities receive their payments NOW! (No more waiting!)

*Introducing Non-Eviction Leases (Lease Paid Up-Front to facilities!)

*We assist your parents/tenants at all income levels with their rent payments!

*Pay incentives are paid within 3-5 business days to facilities!(w/ all rq’d docs)

*Pay incentives also paid for parents/tenants who owe past delinquent fees!

*Pay incentives are delivered via electronic deposit !

*No set limit on the number of times we can assist a parent/tenant!

*No set limit on the number of parents/tenants we can assist!

*Facilities can begin referring Parents/tenants immediately after joining!

*We help all types of leasing/rental facilities and landlords:

- Residential and Commercial and Mortgage

*Hablamos Espanol

      Paycare Home PARENTS

Unique Features

*We are membership based so our Program assists ALL PARENTS!!

*Parents have their bills paid NOW!

* We assist parents at all income levels with children up to college graduation!

*Parent Pay incentives are paid via direct deposit, in 3-5 business days!

*Pay incentives also paid for parents who owe past delinquent fees

*FREE “Paycare” membership cards are mailed to parents for repeat use!

*No set limit on the number of times we can assist a parent!

*No set limit on the number of facilities a parent can patron!

*Parents can begin requesting 'Pay incentives' immediately after joining!

*Parents’ replenish their own "Family Fund" for repeat access to funds during their 

12-month membership!

*Hablamos Espanol