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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program

Paycare Program  

 *To Enjoy a 'Welcome' from our Team, Click below:


Payment Protection

 Welcome to our National Paycare Program! We invite you to learn exactly how we are the Permanent Solution that supports families and ensures childcare, child-education and child-focused facilities thrive via our Paycare Program! Our Program serves the entire United States, provides peace of mind to our members, and forwards our Core Mission

To remove finances as an obstacle between any child and the

best possible Life Outcomes!

As a family-focused NC non-profit that has served families for 25 years with integrity, we are proud to have been selected in 2019 by a Private Family-Supporting organization to consult with families and all types of childcare, child-education, child extra-curricular and any child-focused facility by providing access to Funding Support Services which enable our children, from birth to college, to receive the best life outcomes possible! *We are not a lender. 

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*See Our "Risk-free & No Up-front Cost" Member Benefits below:  


*1-year membership

*No Out-Of-Pocket fee for membership.

*Paycare membership card for repeat

access to 'Pay Incentives'.

*Pay incentives paid on their behalf should they be unable to pay a child's fee.

*Parents can receive 3-to-5 day vacations!


Steps In to Have the Bill Paid NOW


Give Parents Time needed

to Pay their Bill!


*1-year membership

*No Out-Of-Pocket fee 1st membership year.

*Pay incentives paid directly to facilities on behalf of parents unable to pay a fee.

*Access to past childcare payment histories.

*Refer Past unpaid payments also.

*Facilities receive a 30-second Commercial!


Steps In to Have the Bill Paid NOW


Wait for the Payments

So Facilities don't Have to Wait!

Click a 'tab' below to Join Now!!

Paycare Program LOVES Creating a

Bright & Colorful Future For Our Children!!


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No Cost