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        "Payment Protection" Services!

         Paycare Program


Home of the 90 to 120-Day "Pay Incentive"!

*New Program upgrades for 2023*

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How It Works!

Easy Eligibility!

We are NOT a Lender!

                                                                      Core Mission

To remove finances as an obstacle between any child and the

best possible Life Outcomes!

As a family-focused NC non-profit that has served families for 28 years with integrity, we are proud to have been selected in 2019 by a Private Family-Supporting organization to work with working-class, middle to upper-middle class, & affluent families!

#1]  While Paycare does not eliminate the Parent's Bill, we do assist with paying parents'                     fees when they need additional time to pay an expense for their child! We can assist                      several times in a 1-year period, with no interest for up to 120 days!           

#2] Paycare pays those parent fees directly to facilities that serve children, which prevents               stress on the Parent and prevents disruption to the facility's income!  

#3] Paycare also positively builds the Parent's credit by reporting their replenishments to                 the Credit Bureaus!

#4] Paycare rewards families with a Free Paycare Card and, ultimately, a card that can               be used to make purchases at any retailer!   

#5] Paycare now introduces the "Non-Eviction" Lease for residential and commercial                       landlords and their tenants!!  Meaning, we can provide up-front funds for the                                 lease-term directly to the residential or commercial landlord, on behalf of the tenant!

#6] Paycare now provides enhancement to growing businesses' Staff Benefits packages, to                 enable them to obtain and retain long-term, quality staff! 


                                           *Check our our Facebook Page!


Paycare provides funding which benefits Parents and any child-focused facility while enabling our children, from birth through college, to experience the best possible life outcomes in the areas of:                                                           Childcare




                                                                     Medical expenses                  

                                                            *We are not a lender  

                           *Permanent Funding to assist families across U.S.                                                                      

2023 Program Upgrades!

*Parents now replenish to themselves to build credit!

 *Parents, ultimately, obtain a card for store purchases!

*Parents enjoy no impact on their credit w/ no interest, up to 120 days!

*See Our "Risk-free & No Up-front Cost" Member Benefits below:  


*1-year membership

*No Up-Front fee for membership.

*FREE membership card for repeat

access to 'Pay Incentives'.

*Pay incentives paid on their behalf should they need time to pay a fee.


Steps In to Have the Bill Paid NOW


Give Parents Time needed

to Pay their Bill!


*1-year membership

*No Up-Front fee 1st membership year.

*Pay incentives paid directly to facilities on behalf of parents. 

*Refer Past unpaid payments also.

*FREE membership window decal.


Steps In to Have the Bill Paid NOW


Wait for the Payments

So Facilities don't Have to Wait!

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Paycare Program LOVES Creating a

Bright & Colorful Future For Our Children!!


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      at No 

Up-front Cost